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Dried tart cherries made began in Door County in 1987 when Country Ovens, in Forestville, WI began producing their Cherry De-Lite dried tart cherries.  With the addition of our 100% tart cherry juice, our chocolate covered cherries and a vast array of tart cherry toppings (including cherry preserves, cherry syrup and cherry pie fill) our product line grew tremendously through the years.  
  Have you ever wondered about how you can cook with tart cherries? Well, we have got you covered there with over 100 recipes that are sure to please every age and every occassion.  From cherry breakfast and apps to cherry dinner ideas and cherry dessert you will find something for everyone, and don't forget refreshing cherry cocktails for kids and adults beverages
  We have all heard the old wives tales of people using tart cherries to help with the pain of arthritis, but what if there was scientific proof that tart cherries do indeed relieve inflammation.  We have done the research for you and have found that in study after study tart cherries have been proven to be loaded with anti-oxidants that are  known to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, tart cherries increase melatonin read the studies we have found.  
  As the healing power of tart cherries became better known, we developed our 100% tart cherry juice muscle recovery product line that is now being used by athletes across the United States and Canada.  Rapid Performance products are providing anti-inflammatory relief while providing whey protein isolate to rebuild muscle tissue damaged during a workout.  Rapid Performance products are not just for athletes either.  Rapid Red is an 8 oz serving of 100% tart cherry juice which is the perfect size to reap the health benefits of tart cherries.  Rapid Whey is the same 8 oz serving of 100% tart cherry juice with 12gm of whey protein isolate to rebuild muscle and is perfect at preventing age related muscle wasting.  Learn all about the tart cherry research we have found on our tart cherry recipe and research link.

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